We all desire love, happiness, a stress free life

and a health body, and while there is no magic way 

to instantly achieve this, therapies are available that can

be practised to help our lives to become

happier and healthier! 

I can help with healing of the physical body and with a balancing of the mental and emotional issues,

accelerate the healing process and assist the

body in cleansing toxins balancing the flow of

subtle energy by releasing blockages.

With over 20 years experience in complementary medicine, 

I have studied to Reiki Master level in the Usui lineage,

 gained EFT Master Practitioner certification, trained

at The British School of Reflexology and hold

a certificate Essentials of Psychosynthesis.

I am attunded to the Violet Flame and to Rahanni,

a 5th Dimensional Healing Energy.

Incorporating my experience of teaching breathing techniques and meditation work into 

my sessions with my clients,

I love seeing the benefits and changes that happen 

to people when they choose to work with me!  

I work in a designated therapy room in Tunbridge Wells,

and carry out home visits if required. 

I do not claim to cure.  

I help you access your own healing energy.  


​For the last two years I have volunteered my therapies 

at the Hospice in the Weald. 

A member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. 

Complementary Energist 

Healing Comes


The Heart